Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn In A Jar

This is another fall display I really should have photographed earlier...

 ... because those adorable little white pumpkins don't enjoy being trapped in their glass prison.  (I have cleverly positioned the pumpkins so that you can't see the brownish spots.)

This is the first time I've put these mini white pumpkins in my apothecary jar.

Live and learn.

It was very easy to put together this fall display.  I used leftover Christmas nuts (I can't believe I kept them!) for the base...

... added in pine cones, the little white pumpkins, and fake fall foliage.

The great thing about faux plants and leaves is that they don't start rotting just when you want to take some attractive pictures.

The apothecary jar sits on this table in my front hall and I have fun changing it for the seasons.

Since Halloween is right around the corner I don't mind changing the display a bit early.  I have some bones and rats that I can use as filler.

Fake bones and fake rats, that is.