Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello Dolly!

Look who I found in the garden!

Sort of....

I think it's funny that gardeners sometimes call peonies the Dolly Parton of flowers.  I do see the similarities.

Both are frilly, frothy, glamorous and.... top heavy!

Peonies are my favorite summer flower; the perfect combination of scent and beauty.

I stubbornly tried to grow a pink peony bush in my north facing backyard. It wasn't happy, and year after year produced only a single bloom. 

It was my Charlie Brown peony bush.

I finally got the nerve to transplant the peony bush last fall, even though I knew they don't like to be moved.  But, as in real estate, I had the perfect location-  a sunny, well drained bed with a view!

It seems that my peonies are happy with their new location. It's nice to meet you, Dolly!

I'm hoping for a brazen display of voluptuous blooms like these:

The peonies will be the star of the garden... I'm willing to accommodate some diva demands to keep them happy!