Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yes - We're THAT House

When it comes to Halloween, we don't do 'cute'.  As a matter of fact, we pride ourselves on being the scariest house on the block... 

... you know...

The Addams Family House

... THAT house...

the one that frightens away more than a few trick-or-treaters. Our 'decorations' are decidedly geared towards braver souls.

Inspired by those old movies that terrified the daylights out of me, this Halloween post will be presented to you in black and white.

Thank you, Mr. Hitchcock.

The House From Psycho
This skeleton hangs in the tree above the sidewalk in front of our house.  We put a few mini spot lights in the branches around him, just to make sure he's seen and appreciated! 

When our kids were younger, they never trick-or-treated at houses like ours. Once Awesome Possum turned 9, he couldn't wait to make Halloween dummies with his dad.

This gangsta dude has been with us for a few years.  He never fails to surprise me - even in daylight.

 'Granny' is a Purplicious creation.

 What happened here?

Rattley bones...

Our graveyard...

Who's over there...  in the background?

I guess the marriage didn't end well.

On Halloween night, our front porch goes from creepy...

... to creeptacular ...

I think there's a rat on the roof!

Did it make you scream?

Happy Halloween!