Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mad For Plaid: A Kitchen Chair Update

A short while ago I wrote about needing to recover my kitchen chairs because the fabric was torn and worn. This was the worst one. Yuck!

Before I could recover the chairs though, I needed to find new fabric and I also wanted to remove the old fabric and foam.  Easier said than done.

It took me a while, but I was finally able to remove the hundreds and hundreds of factory-installed staples from the seats of my kitchen chairs.  Each staple needed to be pried up with a flat screwdriver and then removed with needle-nosed pliers.  Did I mention already that this was not an easy or quick job?  I almost titled this post "Recovering From Recovering Chairs".

My first attempts to find good looking fabric for the chairs didn't go very well .  As it turns out, I found something I like even better.  I love plaid.

This is Burgess Plaid in Antique Red.  I found it at a terrific design store that I can't wait to go to again.  They have a huge selection of home decorating fabrics and accessories.

Since this was only my second time recovering chairs, I found it tricky going around the curved edges and I used a lot of staples.  I also added extra foam and batting to the chair seats so our people seats would be more comfortable. The chairs are now cleaned up and ready to show.  Much better!

This is how all the chairs look around our kitchen table.

Here is a closer view of the set.

I'm very happy with how the chairs look- so cheery and homey!  The green in the fabric matches well with the wall color in the kitchen and the gold ribbon adds a touch of lux. 

It's also really nice not having foam brush against my legs!