Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Different Kind of Makeover

Makeovers aren't only for people, furniture and fireplace mantels; our furry friends need a little TLC after a long winter as well.

My dog, Harry (who is named after Harrison Ford - I'm not kidding), got all freshened up for spring last week.

Here is Harry before he went to the groomer. He's giving us his best 'sad face' expression.

Harry is a six year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Just look at all that fur!

Waiting for someone to open the fridge.

You can't even find his ears when his coat is this long!

Looking 5 years younger, and ready to face the world, is my not so hairy Harry after his visit to the doggie spa.

I have his stylist trim a little closer around his middle to give him the illusion of a slim, nipped-in waist.  Harry feels a little self-conscious of his winter weight gain.

Harrison Ford is completely devoted to me! ;) He follows me from room to room and has memorized my every move. When I put on lipstick he knows it means I'm going out, so he runs to his bed to wait for me to return.

I love the way this picture captures the rich chestnut color in Harry's coat.

Living with Harry is like having my own personal paparazzo.  In the morning he waits for me to come out of the shower so he can lick the water off my toes.  Those of you who aren't dog lovers may find this habit rather gross, but it's something I've gotten used to. 

He takes his job of keeping our yard clear of squirrels very seriously. It's difficult to photograph Harry outside because he's easily distracted by all the sights and sounds.


Who am I kidding- it's just as hard to photograph him inside as well, because he's distracted by crumbs on the floor!  Even though he will be seven this August, Harry still looks and acts like a puppy.

Oh my goodness.... what a cute face!  I've got to go and give him a treat and a snuggle!

Harry is going to hang out with some friends today at Debbiedoos pet party!