Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage Treasures

My family and I had a great time visiting my mom and dad last weekend. I had a lot of fun shopping with my mom in a vintage/thrift store that recently opened in my home town. I've got lots of pictures to show you!

The store is packed with great finds. You can get a serious case of whiplash from turning your head too fast to look at all the treasures!

I really liked the gate-legged table. The dark brown chair (on top of the table) had such a lovely shaped back. 

I spy a little toy train and three antique dolls.

The store used to be my favorite (and only... I grew up in a very small town) five and dime store. I spent a lot of allowances in this building as a little girl!

I took home a number of sweet treasures last weekend. I was excited to find the small round table (pictured above) - it's exactly what I've been looking for!

I don't have spots for everything I bought, but some things I couldn't pass up.

The glass bottle is an 8 oz baby bottle from the 1950s and cost $3.  I love vintage baby items- not sure where to put it.

At $5, I couldn't pass up this slightly rusted coal furnace plate. I think it's fabulous.

I have a place on my mantel for this small crock (only $6). I love the greenish spots showing through the finish and the rustic opening.

This round table is going to get a little makeover- I've got the perfect spot for it!

I paid $12 for the table.

My dad bought this 2 gallon crock for me.

I had the crock sitting in my foyer beside the bench ...

... and then realized it would be perfect to hold these...

I think the hydrangeas look perfect here!  My family thinks the hydrangeas are fake- they are most definitely real!

My parents have a beautiful home in the country. Some day I'll have to show you more pictures of their house. My mom just put two red and white checked wing chairs in front of the bay window.  There is a forest behind their house with black bears, coyotes, porcupines and other wildlife.  Thank goodness these animals aren't around during our daytime visits!

My dad built this blue hutch in the pantry for my mom. I love the colors they chose.

It's a perfect addition to their country kitchen.

I also found something great for my family room, but I'll show that to you later!  I'm still working on the family room updates. The weather has been uncooperative for spray painting, so hopefully the temperature will warm up and I'll be able to finish some projects!

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