Thursday, March 24, 2011

Simple Spring: Introducing My Foyer

The Internet was down at my house for a few days this week.  This created a lot of Drama...mostly from me.

It's been a hard three days.  The worst part was that I had to reschedule my hair appointment because I had to wait around for a service technician.  The curl in my hair is natural; the color is "enhanced."

The good news is that I found time to add some simple spring accessories to my foyer.  I like to open the front door and see something pretty, so I added a new pillow to this wooden bench.  To me, nothing says springtime fresh like crisp white fabrics and hydrangeas.

When you first step inside my house, there are mirrored closet doors to the right. We always intended to replace them, but they reflect a lot of light and it's the last chance you get to check your outfit on the way out the door.

We have a coat rack in the corner, for a bit of charm and for guests to hang up their coats when the closet is full.  Those are my husband's straw hats, all ready to be worn on sunny days.

On the opposite wall is the cubby organizer my family gave me for my birthday last fall.  It reminds me of something you might find in an old hotel.  For spring, I filled the cubbyholes with a vintage looking bottle, a cute bee pot filled with boxwood sprigs from the backyard, and a black and white photograph.

The picture is of my Grandfather as a little boy, with his sister (holding her doll) and their parents.  They're standing in front of the boat that has just brought them to Canada from England to start their new life.  I like the way the picture looks unframed and unconventionally displayed in the cubby.

My son made the shadow box display of nature items in art class last year and then gave it to me for Mother's Day.  The leaves, flowers and moth have been hot-glued to the glass simple and yet so beautiful.

The foyer is a few steps lower than the rest of the house.  You can see the console table in the background with my apothecary jar full of newsprint Easter eggs.

It's been such a long, cold, dreary winter (isn't that from a Beatle's song?) that I can't wait to bring more spring inside.

Not that I want the Internet to fail again...    Ma'am, step away from the computer...

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