Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pouffy Bedskirt For a Princess

When I couldn't find a really cute bedskirt for my daughter's bed, I decided to make one.  I'm not much of a sewer- that's not false modesty, that is a fact.  I'm a little too impatient and not precise enough to be a good seamstress.  However, I was able to buy all the fabric I needed for this project for only 5 dollars, so I thought I would at least try.

I bought about 4 yards of polka dot, sheer fabric during a Fabricland closing sale. I think this material is meant for making sheer curtains, but it has exactly the right stiffness to make a pouffy bedskirt, so I chose it over the more expensive organza or tulle.

I really just guessed at how to make the bedskirt, so this post isn't meant to be a tutorial...it's more like 'Show and Tell'!

To make the bedskirt, I folded the fabric top to bottom twice so that I had a length of fabric that was 4 layers thick.

I gathered the fabric into pleats and pinned everything together...

...and then stitched.

Next, I took the old bedskirt off the bed, removed the ruffles, and kept the flat sheet.  I sewed the new polka dot skirt to the perimeter of the sheet and was done.  It took me about an hour to make the new bedskirt.

It looks really sweet on my little girl's bed! 

Once on the bed, I separated the layers of fabric to make it look pouffy.

My daughter doesn't want her whole bedroom to be photographed for my blog, but she agreed to let me take a few pictures of the bed only.....

... but I had to pay her 3 dollars!  She drives a hard bargain. If I want to take more pictures in her room, I'll have to pay up.  These were all the pictures I could afford!

The total cost of the bedskirt is now 8 dollars: 5 dollars for the fabric and 3 dollars for the location fee!

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