Friday, March 4, 2011

Don't Cry Over Spilled Orange Juice

Did you know that there are instructions on cartons of orange juice?  Who knew!  The instructions are: "Keep refrigerated.  Shake well before serving."  That seems fairly obvious to me.  Since we're talking about the obvious, I think one more instruction should be added: "Secure lid before shaking." 

One day last week, someone in the family (I'm not pointing fingers because it was an accident...stuff happens) grabbed the orange juice from the fridge and then shook it.  The lid wasn't tightened all the way and orange juice sprayed everywhere!  Juice splattered on the cupboards, dishwasher, floor and counters.  Oh...the lingering stickiness of juice!

After a few days of wiping the sticky doors, I noticed that there were a number of tiny chips in the paint.

Lower cabinets...paint chip to right of left knob.

We painted the oak cupboards white a couple of years ago.  The paint job has lasted very well, but every so often tiny chips like this happen:

Upper Cabinets...paint chip to right of knob.

Do you see the tiny marks by the knob?  You can barely even notice the paint chips unless you're up close.  About once a year I need to do a little bit of repair work on the cupboards.

I use fine paint brushes and left over cupboard paint.

I put a very small amount of paint on the tip of the brush and fill in the chips.  You need a steady hand!  At first the new paint is a bit bright, but after a day or two, it blends in nicely.

I just finished filling in the paint chips now. They look much better.

Upper cabinets..paint chip repaired.

Lower cabinets...paint chip to right of left knob repaired.

This is one of those nagging, non-glamorous jobs that needs to be done, would take only a few minutes to do, but is easily put off for another day...

Until an orange juice spill forces you into action.  It feels great to cross something off my To Do List!  That is why I'm not crying over spilled orange juice!