Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eggs-tra, Eggs-tra...Read All About It

I "stole" my kids' craft project. I know that sounds bad, especially since we're just getting to know each other!  Hopefully you'll understand once I explain.

Also, keep in mind this delightful display as you read!

My three kids are enjoying spring break this week and I planned a few crafts to help keep them occupied.  I bought some of those dollar store plastic Easter eggs for them to paper maché and then paint with polka dots, zig-zags and swirls.

Everything started out innocently enough.

I watered down white glue, and tore up strips of newspaper. We dipped the newspaper strips into the gluey water and layered them on the plastic eggs.

See how my daughter used her sweet little hands to squeeze out the excess water from the eggs.

The Easter eggs were left to dry overnight.  When I checked them in the morning I was surprised.  They looked good - really good!

The eggs reminded me of something I might see in Pottery Barn.  They were faded and somewhat vintage looking.  They were perfect...  perfect for my giant apothecary jar (which my husband refers to as my 'hypothetical' jar....he's such a smart alec).

"Those pine cones have been in the apothecary jar since January....too long...not spring-like at that sap leaking onto the glass....", I thought to myself.

That was the moment I decided that the paper maché eggs should be mine.  I tried whitewashing some of the eggs as an 'eggsperament'.

whitewashed eggs
The whitewashed eggs looked good, but not good enough to do the whole batch, so the rest were left as is.  I filled the base of my apothecary jar with shredded wood bark from Michael's and layered the newsprint Easter eggs on top.

It all looked so good, and so 'cheep' (24 eggs for 4 dollars) - which is why I had no choice but to "re-purpose" my kids' craft project!

Don't worry about my kids; I made it up to them.  We paper machéd more Easter eggs the next day and I've got more crafts for them to do.

As long as our St. Patrick's Day cupcakes can't be used for decoration, everything will be fine.

Actually, I just realized that the cake stand on my counter is empty.  It always looks better when it's filled...

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